TRH9000 for MSX – The Open Source Yamaha V9990 Video Card

TRH9000 for MSX – The Open Source Yamaha V9990 Video Card

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Upgrade your MSX computer’s graphics with the TRH9000 Yamaha V9990 video card – the ultimate enhancement for stunning visuals and detailed graphics.

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Introducing the TRH9000 Yamaha V9990 video card for MSX – the ultimate upgrade for stunning visuals and graphics on your MSX computer. Designed by The Retro Hacker, the TRH9000 is an open-source implementation of Sunrise’s GFX9000. With this cartridge, you can experience the best graphical capabilities of the MSX, with support for software that utilizes Yamaha’s V9990 chip.

Experience smooth scrolling, seamless animations, and detailed graphics like never before. The TRH9000 Yamaha V9990 offers an impressive resolution and supports a wide range of display modes, giving you the flexibility to enjoy V9990 enabled MSX games, applications, and multimedia content in their full glory.

With its expanded video memory, the TRH9000 Yamaha V9990 ensures ample space for complex graphical data, allowing for more detailed backgrounds, sprites, and special effects. Whether you’re a retro gaming enthusiast, a graphic designer, or a programmer, this video card will take your MSX experience to new heights.

The cartridge is compatible with various games that use Yamaha’s V9990 chip, such as “Ghosts and Goblins,” “Battle Bomb,” “Life on Earth,” and others. Additionally, the cartridge is compatible with various MSX development applications and tools, allowing users to create their own games and software to make the most of the MSX’s graphical capabilities.

In summary, the TRH9000 cartridge for MSX is a fantastic option for retro game enthusiasts and hardware enthusiasts looking to experience the best that the MSX can offer in terms of graphics. With its open-source implementation and compatibility with various games and applications, this cartridge is a great choice for those who want to customize and expand their MSX experience.

Technical Specifications
  • High quality PCB with gold contacts (ENIG)
  • Graphics chip: Yamaha V9990
  • Video memory: 512KB VRAM
  • Video modes: Supports various resolutions, including 256×212, 512×212, 256×424, 512×424, and others
  • Color palette: 32768 colors (15-bit)
  • Sprites: Supports up to 128 hardware sprites with zoom and rotation capabilities
  • Scroll: Smooth hardware scrolling in both horizontal and vertical directions
  • DMA: Supports Direct Memory Access for efficient data transfer
  • Compatibility: Compatible with MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+, and TurboR systems
Package contains
1x TRH9000 MSX Cartridge
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