Obsonet Reloaded – The MSX Ethernet Card

Obsonet Reloaded – The MSX Ethernet Card

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Introducing the Obsonet Reloaded Ethernet Cartridge, a pioneering networking solution custom-crafted for the legendary MSX computer series.

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Immerse yourself in a fusion of the retro and the modern with the Obsonet Reloaded Ethernet Cartridge – the premier networking solution specifically crafted for the legendary MSX computer series. The product of a groundbreaking collaboration between hardware designer Daniel Berdugo and software developer Nestor Soriano (Konamiman) in 2004, the Obsonet Reloaded ushers your cherished MSX machine into the age of the internet. The version you are purchasing was rebuilt by The Retro Hacker in order to fit smaller cartridge boxes.

  1. Pioneering Technology: The Obsonet was the first-ever network card developed for the MSX. It integrates the Realtek RTL8019AS chip and features a flash memory that stores a BIOS, enabling the use of network commands straight from the MSXDOS operating system.
  2. Connectivity: The cartridge incorporates an EPROM for storing basic configuration data for the RTL8019AS chip, while an RJ45 side connector allows for the connection of a network cable to your MSX.
  3. Software Requirements: To operate the cartridge, you’ll need the RAMHELPR.COM and INL2.COM files to load the TCP/IP stack onto your MSX. After installation, you can utilize utilities such as PING and TELNET.
  4. Online Utilities & Gaming: With HUB.COM, you can install utilities and games directly from the internet onto your MSX. Through TELNET, you can access BBS and forums, reminiscent of dial-up connections from the 90s!
  5. System Requirements: To ensure successful operation, your setup must include an MSX computer with at least 128K of mapped RAM, MSX-DOS 1 or 2 or Nextor, and the appropriate variant of INL2.COM. Please note that the Obsonet does not work with any of Ademir Carchano’s MSXs (such as Expert 3 or Expert 4), due to incompatibility with the slot/memory organization of these computers.

Post-purchase, a link will be provided with all necessary utilities and instructions to use your Obsonet with the MSX. Be sure to watch the accompanying product video for a detailed guide on using the cartridge with your MSX.

The package includes:

* 1 x Obsonet Reloaded Ethernet Cartridge

Obsonet Reloaded Ethernet Cartridge is not just a hardware addition; it’s a revolutionary step towards integrating your classic MSX computer into the expansive digital landscape. This product bridges the gap between past and present, ensuring your journey through retro computing continues to thrive amidst modern technological advancements.

With the Obsonet Reloaded, your MSX is more than a memory – it’s an active, integral part of the future of computing!


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