RBSC Carnivore2 MSX Cartridge (flashrom, Scc+, Fmpac, Ide/cf, Ram)

RBSC Carnivore2 MSX Cartridge (flashrom, Scc+, Fmpac, Ide/cf, Ram)

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Enhance your MSX computer with the RBSC Carnivore2 MSX Cartridge. This advanced cartridge offers expanded storage, memory expansion, and a range of features including flash ROM, CF card interface, Nextor ROM, and customizable hardware settings. Compatible with various MSX models, it comes with a 4GB CF card and includes configuration software for easy customization. Elevate your MSX experience with the RBSC Carnivore2 cartridge.

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RBSC Carnivore2 MSX Cartridge (Flashrom, SCC/SCC+, FMPAC, IDE/CF, RAM).

RBSC Authorized Distributor. RBSC Carnivore2 cartridge for MSX computers.
Introducing the RBSC Carnivore2 MSX Cartridge – the ultimate storage and memory expansion solution for your MSX computer. Developed by the esteemed Russian RBSC group, this cutting-edge cartridge harnesses the power of FPGA Altera Cyclone II technology to elevate your MSX experience to new heights.

With its impressive features and versatile functionality, the RBSC Carnivore2 cartridge offers a seamless blend of performance and convenience. Equipped with an 8MB FlashROM memory, it provides lightning-fast storage and loading capabilities for games and programs. The inclusion of a Compact Flash (CF) card storage interface, along with a 4GB card, ensures space for your digital MSX library.

Experience enhanced MSXDOS2 functionality with the Nextor ROM, which brings advanced features like native FAT16 support and virtual floppy through .dsk mounting. The cartridge boasts a 1MB RAM mapper, offering expanded memory capacity, and a 720KB pseudo-MegaRAM. Immerse yourself in rich audio experiences with the SCC, SCC+, FMPAC (featuring MSX Music ROM), and an additional PSG for dual PSG support in games and music software.

Customize your setup effortlessly with the configuration software included on the CF card. Independently toggle functions on or off, combining them as desired to suit your preferences. The cartridge’s flash memory allows you to store and load additional hardware settings directly from the home menu, and choose from a variety of ROMs recorded on the flash memory.

Crafted with utmost quality by The Retro Hacker, the RBSC Carnivore2 cartridge features a high-quality PCB with durable gold contacts for reliable performance. It is compatible with MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+, and TurboR computers, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of MSX enthusiasts. Embrace the convenience of Sofarun’s native support, ensuring seamless integration with your setup.

Included in the package is the RBSC Carnivore2 cartridge itself, accompanied by a 4GB Compact Flash card preloaded with MSXDOS/NEXTOR and cartridge configuration utilities – our gift to you. To protect and showcase your investment, a high-quality case made of 9000R resin is provided, along with a transparent case for storing the CF card.

Unlock the full potential of your MSX computer with the RBSC Carnivore2 MSX Cartridge. Embrace unrivaled storage, memory expansion, and resource capabilities, and take your MSX gaming and programming experience to the next level.

Technical Specifications
  • High quality PCB with gold contacts (ENIG)
  • FPGA Altera CYCLONE II EP2C5Q208C8
  • 8MB FlashROM memory
  • 2048KB RAM on-board. 1024KB RAM Mapper, 720KB pseudo-MegaRAM.
  • SCC, SCC+, FMPAC and PSG (ability to support games and music software with dual PSG)
  • CF card holder (Compact Flash) – Comes with a 4GB card (gift!)
  • Stereo audio output (3.5mm)
  • Works on MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+ and TurboR computers
  • Sofarun’s native support
Package contains
1 x RBSC Carnivore2 cartridge
1 x Compact Flash card (4GB) with MSXDOS/NEXTOR and cartridge configuration utilities. You can include additional files and modify the content of the card as you like. (This is a gift from The Retro Hacker to you)
1 x high quality case in 9000R resin (custom made for the cartridge)
1 x transparent case for CF card storage
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