Yamaha V9990 Non-VGA Video Controller IC QFP-128

Yamaha V9990 Non-VGA Video Controller IC QFP-128

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Yamaha V9990 Graphics Processor Chip

Are you on the hunt for a piece of computing history that’s both incredibly rare and a true game-changer in the world of home computing? Look no further than the elusive Yamaha V9990 graphics processor chip!

Released in the year 1991, this chip represents a pinnacle of graphics innovation from its era. Originally designed for use in the MSX Turbo R home computer, the V9990 is nothing short of a graphical powerhouse. What makes it stand out are its exceptional capabilities:

🌟 Diverse Graphics Modes: With support for 256-color, 16-color, and monochrome modes, the V9990 offers a vast canvas for your creative pursuits.

🌟 Impressive Resolutions: From 320×200 to 512×212, the V9990 offers a range of resolutions that were groundbreaking for its time, making it a versatile tool for graphics enthusiasts.

🌟 Dynamic Sprite Engine: The built-in sprite engine allows you to create dynamic, moving objects with ease, accommodating up to 16 sprites simultaneously for immersive graphical experiences.

🌟 Rich Color Palette: Boasting a built-in palette of 256 vibrant colors, the V9990 unlocks a world of creative possibilities, enabling you to craft stunning graphics limited only by your imagination.

🌟 Rare Find: The Yamaha V9990 is exceptionally rare and challenging to find in today’s market, making it a true collector’s item for those who appreciate the history of computing.

🌟 Versatile Applications: Originally used in gaming, animation, and multimedia, this chip found its way into industrial applications, including medical imaging and industrial automation, attesting to its versatility and reliability.

Packaged in a QFP-128 package, the V9990 chip is designed to work as a Video Display Processor (VDP) chip, which transforms the data it generates into a mesmerizing visual experience.

Whether you’re a collector looking to complete your vintage computer collection or a passionate electronics enthusiast seeking to build your own graphics card, the Yamaha V9990 is an absolute must-have. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of computing history that’s as rare as it is revolutionary.


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